Weekend shutdown in Delhi as Covid-19 grips India

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17th April, 2021 10:31:19 printer

Weekend shutdown in Delhi as Covid-19 grips India


India’s capital New Delhi went into a weekend lockdown Saturday (April 17) as India faces a ferocious new coronavirus wave, with more than 200,000 fresh daily cases and families clamouring for drugs and hospital beds.

Hopes that South Asian countries might have beaten the pandemic have been dashed with India seeing over two million new cases this month alone and Bangladesh and Pakistan imposing shutdowns. India's per-capita rates remain low by international comparison, raising the prospect that infection numbers - fuelled possibly by a virulent new "double mutant" - may explode further.

After a national lockdown a year ago led to hundreds of deaths and one of the worst slumps of any major economy, the Indian government is desperate to avoid a second stoppage.

Many states are however clamping down, including hotspot Maharashtra, industry-heavy Gujarat and IT hub Bangalore's home state Karnataka, although restrictions are less onerous than last year.