Coronavirus: Can COVID-19 spread through surfaces

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15th April, 2021 09:02:49 printer

Coronavirus: Can COVID-19 spread through surfaces


The recent surge in coronavirus cases has ignited a state of alarm and chaos. During such times, not only does social distancing become a necessary measure, but keeping our surroundings clean and disinfected is also crucial.

However, besides coming in contact with an infected person, how likely is it for the virus to spread through surfaces?

COVID-19 risks on surfaces

Unlike any other disease, COVID-19 is more dangerous and has many risk factors associated with it. That said, as long as the virus continues to exist amongst us, it is only proper to steer clear of sick individuals and most frequently touched surfaces, which could carry the infections. However, contrary to earlier studies which claimed that the virus could spread through infected surfaces, recent findings suggest otherwise.

According to CDC

According to Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), while cleaning with soap and water along with hand-washing and wearing well-fitted masks is enough to lower down transmission risks, it is important to clean and disinfect the spaces occupied by an infected individual.

Surfaces that can spread COVID-19

While the CDC claims that the spread of COVID-19 through surfaces is low, given the surge in the COVID-19 cases, you can never be too careful. Akin to how it is absolutely necessary to practice social distancing and follow all COVID measures, you can continue cleaning and disinfecting surfaces that could be the most infectious. Here are some surfaces where the viruses could collect and increase the risk of COVID transmissions, times of India reported.

Windows of public transport

The virus can latch on to the surfaces and contribute to the rising cases of COVID-19. That said, it is important to make sure that you do not come in contact with frequently touched surfaces while travelling. While using public transportation, avoid touching the poles, seats, or glasses as it could contain the virus from an infected person.