‘Like cures like’, on World’s Homeopathy Day

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11th April, 2021 02:56:54 printer

‘Like cures like’, on World’s Homeopathy Day

Our body has the capacity to heal itself from any disease. Whereas, homeopathy is a science that works on the same concept.  This medicinal science was first introduced by a German physician and chemist DR. Samuel Hahnemann to the world. Hahnemann was born on 10 April 1755 in Paris.

Therefore to acknowledge homeopathy and its contribution to the world, the Homeopathy Say is observed every 10th April.

Every year, the World Homeopathy Awareness Week is held and organized from 10 April to 16 April, by the World Homeopathy Awareness Organization. Many public events such as free lectures and workshops, free homeopathy clinic visits, posts on social media are shared, volunteer first-aid at events, media interviews are organized worldwide.

On this day, the world acknowledges the complexities of practicing homeopathy and plans future approaches. Awareness is spread about homeopathy as a form of medicine and prepares strategies to improve its rate of success.

In India, the day has been celebrated under the umbrella of the AYUSH Ministry, by the Government of India, New Delhi. World Homeopathy Day has become a red-letter day for the practice of Homoeopathy in the last few years. It is well known that India represents one of the largest producers and traders of homeopathic drugs worldwide. Homeopathy in India is as popular as Ayurveda and is under the supervision of the Ministry of AYUSH.

Theme: In India, this year the theme is, “Homeopathy- Roadmap for Integrative Medicine”. To mark the special day, a conference on the topic has also been organized by the Ministry of Ayush. The event will take place in Delhi. India is also one of the largest manufacturers of homeopathic drugs in the world.

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