India committed to supply vaccine to Bangladesh as promised: MEA

Gautam Lahiri, New Delhi

8th April, 2021 08:46:11 printer

India committed to supply vaccine to Bangladesh as promised: MEA

India is committed to supply Covid vaccine as promised to the neighbouring countries including Bangladesh.

Spokesperson of Ministry of External Affairs of India Arindam Bagchi said this in weekly briefing on Thursday.

In a webinar organised by the one leading Indian think tank 'India writes network,' Indian High Commissioner in Dhaka Vikram Kumar Doraiswami assured that supply of next doses of vaccine to Bangladesh are "in the process".

Spokesperson also categorically scotched the speculation that India has put ban on export of vaccines to foreign countries.

"I may say that there is no ban on the export of vaccines abroad," he said.

He also said that vaccines supply to foreign countries are being processed taking into account domestic need of India.

India is also facing huge pandemic problem and therefore vaccine supply process are being assessed in totality, said Doraiswami.

Apart from India's domestic requirement, all the commercial arrangement which are in place with Serum Institute of India being assessed and the decision will be taken at an appropriate time, he added.

He said “But I cannot tell the time frame when the next bulk will take place. At the same time, process for supplying vaccine is in the process.”

On the question of border killing, High Commissioner said in the webinar that both India and Bangladesh are trying to address the root cause of the problem.

Security forces of India and Bangladesh are trying their best to implement coordinated border management plans, he said.