Love of mother triumphs over death!

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7th April, 2021 12:44:10 printer

Love of mother triumphs over death!

Mother’s love for baby needs no further introduction. That a mother could sacrifice her life to save child was proved time and again.

The unending bondage has come to the fore again.

A launch named Sabit Al Hasan carrying 50 passengers capsized in Shitalakkhya river  being hit by a tanker amid inclement weather Sunday evening.

The incident prompted Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA), Fire Service and Civil Defence, Coast Guard and Police to initiate instant rescue operation.

Although 20 people were rescued, rest of the passengers died. The rescue teams recovered 34 bodies so far.

Most of the bodies retrieved from the sunken launch belong to women and children. The atmosphere of shore was thick with crying of the relatives.

All eyes fixed on bodies of a mother and her one-year-old baby were filled with tears.

Hailing from Ujirpur of Barisal, Tahmina, 20, along with son Abdullah and husband Hafizur Rahman boarded the launch and found themselves in the list of deceased.

When recovered, the baby was still in the lap of his mother. The conjoined bodies recovered from watery grave have become a shining example of motherly love.