Kerala couple is making travel during Covid possible in a revamped car

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2nd April, 2021 04:01:51 printer

Kerala couple is making travel during Covid possible in a revamped car

While many of us are complaining about the lack of travel options due to COVID-19, a young couple from Kerala have chartered a 10,000 km journey across the country. Thrissur-based couple Harikrishnan J and Lakshmi Krishna hopped on to their car amid the pandemic to live the travel dream they have been nurturing for long. "We have been planning an international road trip for some time, but with most international borders closed by October, we had to ditch our plan to go on a bike tour to Thailand. The next idea was to travel across India by public transport," Harikirshnan told Conde Nast Traveller (CNT).

They finally decided to travel by car, sleep in the car and explore places at our own pace. Why? Because it was way safer. The couple said that their love for travel also inspired them to make some tough decisions. Both Harikrishnan, a sales officer, and Lakshmi, a graphic designer, quit their jobs to travel the country in their Hyundai Creta, which they revamped for ₹ 4,000.

The couple had set aside a budget of ₹ 2.5 lakh for the trip, but are happy to report that the expenditure is far lower. This could be attributed to the fact that the couple lives and sleeps in the car and take baths in petrol pump bathrooms. They also cook their own food and carry with them a 5kg gas cylinder and a one-burner stove.

The couple, who have travelled 10,000 km so far, began their journey on October 28, 2020. The couple said that though the journey was originally planned for 60 days, it has now crossed 130 days. The duo hopes to return to Kerala this month.

The couple also runs their own YouTube channel, TinPin Stories, which has amassed a large number of followers --- currently at 101K -- thanks to their travel videos.