Bearded woman refuses to shave stubble and embraces facial hair despite getting abuse

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27th March, 2021 07:17:14 printer

Bearded woman refuses to shave stubble and embraces facial hair despite getting abuse

A woman who refuses to shave her stubble has embraced her beard after years of being bullied.

Klyde Warren, 27, says her fulsome facial hair is her favourite feature and refuses to let cruel comments from strangers knock her confidence.

The freelance writer, from Nebraska, US, says she's taunted on dating apps for her hair but is determined to find a partner who loves her hair as much as she does.

The reason for Klyde's excess facial hair is a mystery and despite it affecting her love life, she says she's learnt to love her natural body so negativity from other people does not affect her.

Klyde said: "I get a lot of stares and people on Tinder will go out of their way to message me and tell me I'm disgusting and gross.

"It does bother me at the time but I'm quite confident. Nobody likes getting comments like that.

"Some people I date embrace it too much and just see it as my defining feature, but my last boyfriend was really supportive and loved my beard in a healthy way."

Klyde first started noticing thick facial hair aged 15 and immediately decided to let nature take its course by ditching the razor.
Klyde says her beard is easy to groom and just needs an occasional trim and to be washed once a day.

She said: "It started in school and I had a thicker moustache than normal.

"I just decided to embrace it straight away.

"My mum had something to say about it, she didn't like it at all and told me to get it under control but I didn't care.
"I refused to shave it. I just work on my confidence, it's ok to be a little different.

"A lot of people are self-conscious but you've got to learn to be comfortable in your own skin which can be really hard.

"The universe wanted it to be this way so I'm going to trust it."