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Playwright Amjad Ali passes away

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  • 26th March, 2021 03:59:29 PM
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Dramatist, actor and producer of Bangladesh Betar Amjad Ali died in Ranibazar of Rajshahi on Thursday night. He was 72.

Ali, who retrieved war-time documents from an Al Badr camp in Rajshahi in 197, breathed his last at his home in Ranibazar area of the district around 11:30pm.

Ahmed Shafi Uddin, cousin of the deceased, confirmed the matter.

He was suffering from diabetes complications and released from the hospital only two weeks back, the cousin said.

Amjad left three daughters, a host of relatives and well-wishers to mourn his death.

On December 18, 1971, Amjad Ali went down a well at a house in Ranibazar which was being used as the divisional camp of Al Badr during the Liberation War. He then pulled out a bag that his cousin Ahmed Shafi, also a journalist back then, had seen floating in the well.

The bag, an important discovery, contained documents of over 2,000 pages left by Al Badr leaders. The documents revealed how ruthless Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed and Al Badr were against Bangladesh's freedom.

One of the documents contained directives by the Al Badr chief towards its members to not even spare their closest relatives in case of their role in Bangladesh's freedom.