Petition seeks deferment of MBBS admission test

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22nd March, 2021 09:08:09 printer

Petition seeks deferment of MBBS admission test

A writ petition has been filed with the High Court praying for an order to defer MBBS admission tests due to surge in Covid-19 infections.

MBBS admission tests are scheduled to be held on April 2. Hailing from Jhalakathi, Md Taymur Khan Bappi filed the petition with HC.

The petitioner has sought for issuance of rule nisi asking authorities to explain why decision taken by Directorate General of Medical Education to hold MBBS exams on April 2 amid rise in Covid-19 shall not be declared illegal.

Petitioner’s counsel Muntasir Mahmud Rahman said arbitrary and indiscriminate decision for holding the tests during this situation will expose students and parents to the vulnerability of the corona infection.