Karutantra promotes the weaving heritage of Dhakai Jamdani, Participating in Royal Bengal Atelier by Le Meridian

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22nd March, 2021 04:26:24 printer

Karutantra promotes the weaving heritage of Dhakai Jamdani, Participating in Royal Bengal Atelier by Le Meridian

Karutantra, an abode of Jamdani Sarees, intricately designed and prepared with the skilful hands of our local artisans. Since Karutantra’s inception, it has been working to uplift the undermined craftsmanship of Bangladesh, particularly from the Dhakai Jamdani sector which is nothing less than a cultural heritage for us. From 19th of March, 2021 Karutantra has been participating at the Royal Bengal Atelier by Le Meridian in a pop-up store exhibition. Royal Bengal Atelier is a platform by Le Meridian to uplift the entrepreneurs of the country, offering a 70 days cost free shop space to over 40 businesses.

Along with many well established brands, there are new brands like Karutantra who has been in the business for less a year, participating in this event. Such participations are allowing the organizers to envision this as a big platform to promote the promising businesses. Due to the Covid-19 situation, these entrepreneurs have been suffering financially and many of these entrepreneurs even thought of closing their businesses.

Getting opportunity at such a big platform, the owner of the Karutantra, Nusrat Marzia is very much thankful the organizers and also believes that, such platforms were needed big time to promote the young entrepreneurs, mostly the female business owners who intend to work for the society creating opportunities or carrying the local heritage through their businesses. As a matter of fact, she aims to make the Dhakai Jamdani a globally fashionable clothing item through Karutantra, as Dhakai Jamdani was turning out to be a long lost heritage.

Hence, the moto of her business is “Weaving Heritage With Passion” where she wishes to give all the credit to the unmatched skilled weavers who have been carrying this heritage on their shoulders for decades yet getting the least amount of return.

The Royal Bengal Atelier by Le Meridian is going to have these stalls till 14th May and will close right before the Eid al Fitr. All the brands are looking forward to the coming ramadan where they expect to have a large amount of visitors hoping to have this event as a big success.