Covid: Rich states 'block' vaccine plans for developing nations

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20th March, 2021 01:20:25 printer

Covid: Rich states 'block' vaccine plans for developing nations

Wealthy countries - including the UK - are blocking proposals to help developing nations increase their vaccine manufacturing capabilities, documents leaked to BBC Newsnight show.

Several poorer countries have asked the World Health Organization to help them.

But richer nations are pushing back on provisions in international law that would enable them to achieve this.

This is according to a leaked copy of the negotiating text of a WHO resolution on the issue.

Among those richer nations are the UK, the US, as well as the European Union.

A spokesperson for the UK government says "a global pandemic requires a global solution and the UK is leading from the front, driving forward efforts to ensure equitable access around the world to Covid vaccines and treatments".

Many experts say equitable access to vaccines is essential to prevent cases and deaths and to contribute to global population immunity.