41st BCS preliminary examination held

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19th March, 2021 05:23:32 printer

41st BCS preliminary examination held

The 41st Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) preliminary examination was held on Friday following health guidelines.

The Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) made arrangements at eight divisional cities of the country for 404,513 job seekers in compliance with an 11-point health and safety guideline.

The test was held from 10:00am to 12:00pm on Friday.

According to the BPSC, a total of 2,166 vacant posts will be fulfilled through the 41st BCS examination.

BPSC’s 11-point health guideline

The instructions provided by the BPCS to ensure health and safety during exams are:

1. Adequate lighting and ventilation should be ensured during each test.

2. Examiners should arrange hand-washing facilities or hand sanitizers outside exam halls.

3. Candidates’ body temperature should be measured at the time of entry, using non-contact infrared thermometers.

4. Masks and disinfectants should be kept in the control room of each test centre.

5. Whole centres should be disinfected.

6. Posters or festoons with awareness messages about hygiene should be put up at the centres.

7. Crowds must be kept in check. To this end, the cooperation of law enforcement agencies can be sought.

8. Water, sanitation, waste management facilities and a clean environment must be ensured at all exam centres.

9. Candidates have to enter while maintaining a distance of at least three feet with each other and, if necessary, the authorities can mark where they are to stand. No one can enter the exam hall without wearing a mask.

10. Seating arrangements must be made in a way that a distance of at least three feet is maintained between two candidates.

11. Any kind of gathering outside the examination hall should be avoided.