How to cope with post-vaccination side effects?

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19th March, 2021 12:17:53 printer

How to cope with post-vaccination side effects?


Millions of people have already taken the COVID vaccine and many more are queuing up for the same.

That being said, the vaccines are not devoid of side-effects. While some have complained of experiencing fever, others have reported fatigue and body ache as their primary ailments post-vaccination.

If you've received your COVID shot and are suffering with the reactions, it's only natural to look for remedies and ways to ease down the pain and the discomfort.

How important is it to get the COVID vaccine?

Most common side effects experienced by people post-vaccination

Dr. Tushar Tayal, Department of Internal Medicine, CK Birla Hospital, Gurgaon says, “While the vaccines can trigger some amount of side effects in people, Dr. Tayal says it's 'quite safe' to take the vaccine jab. According to him, post vaccination, people may experience mild symptoms such as fever, chills, nausea, and body ache which can be managed.

How can people cope with post-vaccination fever?

Doctors believe that post vaccination symptoms may last for a day or two. As per Dr. Tayal, side effects can be safely managed with a paracetamol tablet taken on a need basis. He advises people to avoid taking painkillers such as diclofenac. In case a person experiences shortness of breath or dizziness, he recommends visiting the nearest emergency hospital.

Similarly, Dr. Pinto recommends the same medication and says, "For most individuals, no treatment is needed at all post-vaccination, and the symptoms, if present, are mild, and resolve with time.

Ways to deal with the weakness post-vaccination

Fatigue and weakness have been reported as a reigning side effect of the vaccine. That said, in case you or anyone you know is struggling with the same, according to Dr. Tayal, they must ensure that they have adequate water intake. Adding to the conversation, he says, "Physically strenuous activities must be avoided for a couple of days. Also, a tablet of Paracetamol can be taken for body ache."

"One would encourage measures such as adequate hydration, good sleep, balanced meals, limiting work hours, avoiding excess intake of caffeine or alcohol to help cope with the weakness," Dr. Pinto says.

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