Drainage system, built using Indian financial aid, inaugurated in Nepal

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16th March, 2021 12:40:13 printer

Drainage system, built using Indian financial aid, inaugurated in Nepal

A culvert and drainage system, which was built with Indian financial assistance in Nepal's Sarlahi, was inaugurated on Saturday.

The Indian Consulate in Birgunj confirmed that infrastructure has been jointly inaugurated by Nitesh Kumar, Consul General of Consulate General of India, Birgunj and Homnath Subedi, Chief Administrative Officer, Malangwa Municipality.

India has provided Rs 42.78 million for the project.

"The Government of India grant, under 'Nepal-Bharat Development Cooperation', was utilized for construction of Culverts & Drainage is divided into two packages: Package -I: From Khanepani Chowk to Nagar Palika Chowk (800 metres) and Package - II: Shiv Sagar Chowk Road to Vishwakarma Chowk Road (500 metres). The project was taken up as a High Impact Community Development Project under an Agreement between Government of India and Government of Nepal," the consulate stated in the release.

The MoU for the construction of the drain was signed between the Indian embassy and the Malangwa Municipality, Office of the Municipal Executive, Malangwa under the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration of Nepal.

About 500 households of the Malangwa Municipality will be benefited from this project either directly or indirectly.

"The project is a reflection of India's development partnership with Nepal and complements the effort of the Government of Nepal in augmenting infrastructure in the field of Waste Management," the release added.

The newly built drain is expected to enhance the drainage, sewerage and sanitation system of the Malangwa Municipality. (ANI)