Walton’s new model AC costs Tk 2.88 per hour

Press release

28th February, 2021 07:03:30 PM printer

Country’s electronics giant Walton has newly introduced super saver model of split type air conditioner with intelligent inverter technology. The Bangladeshi super brand released the super saver model of AC under a new series named ‘Inverna.’

Conforming to the European standard, Walton’s ‘inverna’ AC is designed with advanced technologies and features like dual defender, ionizer, antiviral and dust filter, frost clean, faster cooling speed, eco-friendly and many more.

In addition, the cost of electricity consumption of this super saver model AC is only Tk 2.88 per hour that was tested and certified by the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). In this context, Walton’s Inverna AC is the most power saving air conditioner in the domestic market.

Walton AC’s Chief Executive Officer Md. Tanvir Rahman said that the domestic air conditioner customers are very much concerned on electricity bill as well as durability while the European buyers greatly focused on the energy saving and eco-friendly AC.

The Inverna AC was designed and developed by a renowned expert engineer of Italy, he said adding, thus this new series of Walton AC is called Inverna, an Italian word that means ‘Winter.

It is specially made to suit the European market according to European standards, saying it he noted that this model, which is patented by Walton and exportable to Europe, is also being marketed to Bangladeshi buyers according to the environment and climate of Bangladesh.

Walton AC’s Chief Operating Officer Engineer Sondip Biswas said, they released 1 ton, 1.5 ton and 2 ton BTU’s (British Thermal Unit) Inverna AC in the domestic market. Prices of these intelligent inverter Inverna AC were set between Tk 49,900 and Tk 77,400.

He noted that Walton Inverna AC has IoT based smart control feature and thus it can be controlled from any part of the world through the internet. Users can on / off the AC through mobile and also can easily monitor how much is the daily or monthly electricity bill coming to AC? Voltage low or high? Is the compressor running overloaded?

Walton AC’s Research and Development Department Head Engineer Ariful Islam said, dual defender technology has been used in that AC of Inverna series. So that the ionizer and antiviral filter features have been adjusted. The three-tiered antiviral filter, tested in accredited laboratories in Japan and Singapore, uses a variety of natural and synthetic ingredients, combining it to prevent viruses and bacteria, as well as removing foul-smelling ingredients and fine dust up to 0.3 microns. These filters also have levels of antioxidants, which ensure a healthy environment by absorbing harmful elements into the air and providing clean air.

In that eco-friendly Inverna AC’s compressor, CFC gas-free globally recognized R410A and R-32 refrigerants are being used. There is turbo mode, which cools the room quickly. Walton AC is also very durable and long lasting due to the use of rust-resistant golden fin in evaporators and condensers.

Walton will soon be releasing AC with offline voice command. This allows the AC to be controlled via voice commands without internet. Customers can turn on or off the AC and reduce or increase the temperature with instructions. Besides, Walton will bring UV (ultra-violet) technology AC to the market this year. Which will keep the room free of viruses and bacteria.

Walton authorities informed that they have been conducting a digital campaign across the country aimed at provide quick and easy after-sales service to AC customers under online automation. Campaign season 9 is going on now. Under this, customers are likely to get electricity bill free up to maximum 21 years and free installation facility on the purchase of any model of Walton AC. In addition, Customers can buy Walton AC at ease installment facility and also at EMI facility from Walton’s online sales platform E-plaza.

Moreover. customers can buy Walton's new AC at 25 percent discount instead of the old AC of any brand. There is free installation facility.

Every air conditioner of Walton is released in the market after obtaining quality control certification from international standard testing lab NUSDAT-UTS.

And thus, Walton is providing one year replacement guarantee, along with up to 10-year guaranty on AC compressor.

Walton is delivering swift and best post sales services through more than 74 service centers across the country under ISO standard service management system.