Bashundhara LPG to help replace coal in brick production

Staff Correspondent

27th February, 2021 10:44:49 printer

Bashundhara LPG to help 
replace coal in brick production

 A new era in the LPG industry is going to be launched in Bangladesh with the uses of LPG to manufacture ceramic bricks.

Bashundhara LP Gas Limited (BLPGL), the LPG market leader and one of the pioneers of the LPG industry in Bangladesh, has taken the new challenge to supply LPG to the brick-manufacturing industry.

The new move will be materialised to produce ceramic bricks in a new, efficient, and environmentally friendly way by using LPG to replace coal.

World LPG Association (WLPGA) in a report mentioned that BLPGL has invested in many diversified sectors to create new opportunities for the LPG industry.

With BLPGL’s  pioneering  outlook,  and  significant  logistics  capacity,  they  have  taken  on  the challenge  to  extend  their  business  support  to  Makrail  Ceramics  Ltd.  (MCL)  who were searching for a clean fuel for their factories, the report added.

According WLPGA, BLPGL and MCL signed an exclusive fifteen-year agreement in early 2021, whereby BLPGL will provide LPG fuel support and full technical assistance related to LPG.

MCL have agreed to produce up to 120,000 ceramic bricks daily using LPG.  They  produce  various  types  of  bricks  such  as  ceramics  bricks  for  construction,  and  solid  and  hollow  bricks,  and  cladding  (facing  tiles,  roof tiles, pavers and specialty applications).

Before  this  agreement,  MCL  used to produce  ceramic  bricks  with coal, but after understanding the effects of burning coal  on  the  environment,  together  with  an  unreliable  supply of coal, they decided to move away from coal and started searching for a clean fuel for their production.

Engineer Jakaria Jalal, Head of Sales of BLPGL, said the project is just the beginning and the company will always be ready to create new opportunities for the industry.

He also thinks that this action is just another footprint from BLPGL to create a better environment for the population of Bangladesh and that BLPGL will work continuously for further improvements.

Syed  Sadaf  Zafar,  Managing  Director  of  MCL, said  large  industries  are  damaging  the  environment every day, and all should be seeking an exceptional green solution.

“BLPGL has since become a part of this journey with the aim to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development (SDG) Goal 11 by 2030. BLPGL  recognises  the  potential  for  LPG  in  this  market  sector,  and  has  taken  the  challenge  and  invested  in  a  complete LPG solution at the MCL premises.”

BLPGL are installing a bulk LPG storage facility at each MCL factory and will supply the LPG through a fleet of bulk LPG road tankers.

Bashundhara  LP  Gas  Limited was launched in  1999, what  was  then  the  first  private  LPG  importing, cylinder  filling  and  marketing  company  in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is the fourth largest brick producer in the world, and fired ceramic bricks are one of the most important construction materials in Bangladesh.

In  2019,  the  country  had  more  than  7,200  coal-fired  brick kilns, producing about 32.4 billion bricks annually, compared to 23 billion bricks in 2017.

The Bangladesh brick industry consumes 5.68 million MT of coal annually, generating CO2 emissions of 15.67 million MT.