Italian landslide sends 200 coffins into sea


24th February, 2021 11:53:30 printer

Italian landslide sends 200 coffins into sea

A Monday afternoon landslide in Camogli, Italy has caused a cliff-top cemetery to crash 48 metres into the ocean below, sending 200 coffins floating into the Mediterranean, Italian media reports.

Two chapels formerly situated on the burial ground were also destroyed.

Officials are attempting to retrieve the coffins by boat.

"The mourning that has affected our community in its affection and in its memory leaves an unforgettable mark in everyone's hearts," the city town hall said in a Facebook post.

"The City Administration, aware that it has received the mandate from the citizens to protect the territory, its history, and its heritage, is actually part of this community, and experiences the same pain, which it will take charge of in order to heal with every possible action this terrible wound.

We are close to all Camogli's families in this time of grief."

The landslide is said to have been caused by a combination of coastal erosion and an increase in local storms over the past few years.