Winter weather death toll rises to at least 35


19th February, 2021 10:10:45 printer

Winter weather death toll rises to at least 35

At least 35 deaths have been attributed to days of severe winter weather in the United States. Traffic accidents have claimed the most lives, followed closely by the carbon monoxide poisoning of people using vehicles or generators to stay warm.

A half dozen people have died from exposure, including several whose bodies were found along Texas roadways covered in ice and snow, and a Kentucky woman in an unheated mobile home.

A house fire killed a grandmother and three children whose mother and friend were injured after flames escaped a fireplace in Texas. Three people died in a tornado in North Carolina. Three more fell through ice, into a pond in Tennessee, a lake in Oklahoma and a swimming pool in Louisiana.

And a 9-year-old boy was killed while having fun with his father in Tennessee. His dad was pulling him on a tube behind an ATV on an icy street when the boy slammed into a mailbox.