Municipal Elections: AL wins crushing victory for its popularity

ANM Mohibub Uz Zaman

15th February, 2021 10:34:46 PM printer

Municipal Elections: AL wins crushing victory for its popularity

Awami League mayoral candidates have won a crushing victory in four phases of the municipal elections due to the wide popularity of the ruling party in the country.

Awami League’s tremendous popularity at grassroots level has brought a landslide victory to its mayoral candidates, leaving BNP in tatters in the field of politics, experts said.

They also said people desire to cast votes in favour of “Boat”, the AL electoral symbol, in the local-government elections to elect their representatives.

“It’s an indication of Awami League’s popularity among the countrymen. In recognition of their commitment, people gave mandate to AL candidates for the next five years,” said Prof Giasuddin Molla, president of the Political Science Association.

He also said the countrymen want that AL candidates work for them through winning the elections.

Election observers and local government specialists said that popularity of a party is the main key to success in a municipal election. Awami League has done so.

So far, elections to 202 municipalities have been held in four phases in which AL has won 159 mayoral posts while its arch-rival BNP bagged only 10 posts in the battle of ballots.

However, seven AL candidates were elected unopposed in the local government polls across the country.

A total of 12 BNP candidates have lost security money in the first phase of municipal elections, 29 in the second phase and 27 in the third phase.

According to the election results, AL has got 64.06 per cent votes and secured 19 mayoral posts out of 24 municipalities in the first phase.

But, BNP candidates got 13.39 per cent votes and bagged only two mayoral posts.

In the second-phase elections, AL candidates got 60.03 per cent votes and secured 45 mayoral posts out of 60 municipalities.  Of them, 42 were elected through voting and four candidates elected uncontested.

On the other hand, BNP mayoral candidates got 17.91 per cent votes and obtained only four mayoral posts.

In the third-phase polls, AL candidates got 61.85 per cent votes and secured 46 mayoral posts out of 63 municipalities.

On the other hand, BNP’s mayoral candidates got 29.75 per cent with three mayoral posts.

In the fourth-phase elections AL secured 46 mayoral posts while BNP secured only one mayoral post, according to the polls results.

The first-phase election was held on December 28, 2020 and second, third and fourth phases were held on January 16 and 30 and February 14 respectively.

The fifth-phase elections to 31 municipalities across the country will be held on February 28.