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KDS RMG Solution, a wing of KDS, is a leading and second oldest garment apparel and home-décor textile products manufacturer, supplier and exporter in Bangladesh.

This wing of the Group is comprised of 5 Apparel manufacturing companies: KDS Garment Industries Limited, CANVAS Garments PVT LTD, KDS Apparels Limited, KDS Fashion Limited, and KDS IDR Limited also to make ourself one stop solution for garments we have KDS Accessories & KDS Textile. Altogether, the Garments sector of the Group earned 11 National Awards (including President Gold Trophy) between 1985 to 1998 for the highest exports of ready-made apparel from Bangladesh. The Garments division of the Group is also among the few selected global strategic vendors of ASDA, H & M, TARGET, WALMART, TESCO and many other highly prestigious global brand names, and they also have exclusive supply agreements for specific product lines with some of these global companies.

Within this division, there are subdivisions of Knit, Woven, Jackets, Washing, Embroidery, Quilting, and many others, which equips the Group to be the provider of all kinds of apparel manufacturing solutions to any Apparels company worldwide.

An Introduction to Go Green Campaign

Mother earth has been suffering from all sorts of environmental pollutions from the beginning of the human race, which in recent years, turned into an unavoidable circumstance. Usage of toxic chemicals in industries, urbanization, automobile, and mining is the forefront of this global environmental pollution responsible for warning issues like Global Warming and Climate Changing.

The garment industry, alone, is responsible for producing a noticeable amount of pollution by using highly intoxicant chemicals in dying, washing, and finishing textile goods. The industry also uses a significant amount of water in production, hence causing water pollution. The smoke emitted from the garment industry causes air pollution. Besides, 25 billion pounds of textile wastes are being produced each year, which is equivalent to 5% of the total landfills.

KDS is thinking about developing a campaign titled ‘’Go Green’’, involving three main aspects; to Reduce, to Reuse, and to Recycle.

What inspired KDS to work on the environment?

Keeping these factors in mind, KDS has started its journey of putting footprints into the Go Green campaign. In order to build a balanced eco-system, the company has taken several steps to reduce environmental pollution by building eco-friendly infrastructures and using biological substances in their production.

How KDS is Complying?

In pursuit of a greener earth, KDS has taken all the possible initiatives to decrease environmental pollutions caused by the RMG sector. The company has involved themselves in various fields of eco-friendly activities, like planting trees throughout their premises to provide themselves and the workers a better environment.

KDS harvests about 91,000 gallons of rainwater each year, used in textile washing and toilets, to reduce the dependency on natural resources. The raw materials used to produce trims and packaging by KDS Accessories are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.

Organic cotton is KDS’s core sourcing for materials. Organic cotton is pesticides-free and 100% recyclable, so they favor the health of the soil, people, environment, and hence the eco-system. Also, they’ve been using recycled cotton to make end products, which reduces the amount of total textile waste.

Infrastructure Changes

For water treatment, conventional ETP requires the usage of toxic chemicals, which harm the environment directly. To better fill the position, KDS has converted its traditional ETP to Biological ETP, which involves fewer chemical consumptions. In biological ETP, bacteria and micro-organisms are used instead of heavily toxic chemicals, making less negative impacts on the environment. Moreover, the resulting decomposition can be easily collected for proper disposal. To reduce gas or diesel consumption, KDS has also installed Jhute Boiler, which uses garments wastages to make steam.

Also, they have changed all of their CFL to LED that has zero UV emission, no heat generation, reduces carbon footprint, and is easily recyclable. Moreover, they use solar energy to recharge batteries for back-up, and somehow manage to reduce the consumption of electric energy.

Other Activities

          ¬Managing waste in proper manner: Segregating, preparing inventory and delivering to the authorized third party for proper disposal.

          Monitoring air quality & noise level frequently and get these aspects tested by DOE (Department of Environment) twice a year.

          Preparing inventory and controlling GHG (Greenhouse Gas) and ODS (Ozone Depleting Substances).

          Managing and controlling water usage: Installed water meter inlet and outlet position to control and minimize the water usage.


KDS has earned several certificates from different boards and authorities that prove their contribution to the environment as apparel manufacturer.

GOTS: For using organic cotton which reduces harmful impact of production to people and the environment.

GRS: Ensures that they’re recycling at least 50% of used plastic products.

HIGG INDEX: Ensures uses of eco-friendly raw materials without compromising product’s quality.

FSCTM: Confirms that they use paper materials produced only from FSCTM certified forests.

OCS: Verifies the proper amount of organic materials present in the final product.

ISO 14001: Specifies requirements for an effective Environmental Management System (EMS)

Contact person

Md.Hadiuzzaman Refat

Senior Executive

Mobile : +8801712780305