Mild cold wave may continue


23rd January, 2021 02:08:26 printer

Mild cold wave may continue

A mild cold wave is sweeping over Rangamati, Srimangal and Panchagarh, and it may continue.

Mooderate to heavy fog may occur from midnight to morning, the Bangladesh Meteorological Department said on Saturday.

Meanwhile, a thick layer of fog and cold wave is disrupting everyday life in Kurigram. The sun is hiding behind the clouds for most of the time. And dense fog is leading to low visibility, causing problems to the commuters.

Long-route vehicles now have to move with headlights on even in the daytime to avoid accidents. And a cold snap is forcing people to stay home.

The local met office on Friday said the temperature in Kurigram dropped to 11.1 degrees Celsius.

Also, chilling weather continues to send shivers across Natore along with dense fog in the morning.

However, the day labourers are going out for work amid the bone-chilling cold.