Top 10 tips for outstanding ecommerce website design

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21st January, 2021 06:26:48 printer

Top 10 tips for outstanding ecommerce website design

Nowadays our life is so much dependent on online and it includes shopping too. So it  is the best time to be in ecommerce.

If you’re selling any product like dresses , cosmetics or something else  , you need to jump into the  ecommerce website train. An ecommerce site helps  you  to build your brand, connect with new and huge  customers, and sell more products but for this , you’ve to get  the right website design.

An ecommerce website is critical to build up . You need to use right colors, fonts, images, words and graphics to convince visitors to make a purchase. It should be attractive to potential customers, provide great user experience and present your shop in the best way

But there are some questions like  ---- how, exactly, do you do that? How can you design the kind of ecommerce site that will have products flying off your virtual shelves?

Here are the top 10  ecommerce web design tips to help you take your shop to the next level:

1. Make  it simple

One of the most effective rule is you have to keep it simple .

 Being simple is always better while designing ecommerce website . The more elements you have on the page , the more it takes away from the entire point of the website—closing a sale.

Ton of bells and whistles make act as distraction. Keep your design clear, clean, and simple focusing  on the sale.

2. Make branding a priority

People generally want to buy from trustworthy brands ---- not from identity less sites which look like fraud ones.

If you want to build the trust you need to:

1) Drive serious sales with your ecommerce business

2) You need to put some serious thought into your branding.

Your branding is like the heart of your ecommerce business; it shows who you are as a company, what you’re all  about, and how you’re different from your competitors and it plays a huge part in building a connection with your audience .

If you want to get the most beautiful shape for  your ecommerce design, take time to define your brand and then infuse that branding into your design.


If it is difficult to define that  who you are as a brand, it is not okay for your sells .


Once you know what is your identity , you can work it into the branding of your ecommerce site.  It’ll help to build trust with your audience.

3. Think like a website visitor and customer

If you feel like a audience, it will be more easy for you to connect with your customers .

Ultimately, there are just a few things your potential customers want in an ecommerce experience and those are :

1)A  site that’s easy to navigate, 2) Well-designed 3) Makes the process of shopping easy 4 ) Straightforward 5)Hassle-free.

And it is necessary to give them those things .

During the design process, put yourself in your visitor’s shoes. You have to think that what kind of layout is going to be easiest for them to navigate? How can you organize your products in a way that makes sense for the end user? How can you simplify the checkout process?

When you think like your customer, you can anticipate what they want from your ecommerce store and what they actually want from you !

4. Use color to your advantage

Choosing the colors for your ecommerce site .You have to understand the psychology behind color, you have to understand which are useful and which are not .

Different colors can inspire different feelings, emotions, and actions from people. So, you need to use those color inspirations to your advantage.

The thing  is, color is one of the most powerful tools in your design toolbox and it is important for you know how to use it, it can have a huge impact on your ecommerce design.

5. Use high-quality images

Images increase conversions and it is so much true when it comes to ecommerce.

There is no one who  is going to buy a product sight without seeing . If you want people to buy your products, you need to show them what they’re buying by high-quality product images.

Having images of your product from multiple different aspects goes a long way in building confidence and trust in your customers.

 If they feel confident that they know what they’re buying, they’re more likely to make a purchase.

Get plenty of high-quality images of whatever you’re selling on your ecommerce website. Your conversions will thank you.

6. Make your content scannable

You can spend days crafting long descriptions for the products on your ecommerce site, but we’ve got news for you—no one is going to read it.

Break up your content—whether that’s product descriptions, blog posts, or an “about us” page—into an easy-to-scan format. Keep sentences and paragraphs short, use bolding to call attention to key information, and use bulleted lists to break up large blocks of texts.

The easier to scan your content, the more likely your audience will absorb your key messaging—and the more likely you’ll be able to make a sale.

7. Make it look professional

The basis of an ecommerce site is that you are asking your website visitors to purchase something from you. And, as a result, you’re asking them to turn over sensitive information, like their credit card information. Which they’re not going to feel comfortable doing if your website doesn’t look profesh.

 A professional website is a must  to build trust with your customers and for  developing that trust is a must if you want your ecommerce store to be successful.

Remember that , all your product links and buttons should work. Your photos shouldn’t look like you snapped them on an old phone  and your overall site design shouldn’t look like you swiped it from stone age .

The point is, if you want your customers to take you seriously, you need to show them you take yourself seriously and it has a huge importance .

8. Use social proof

Another way of building  trust is Social proof.

When you’re designing your ecommerce site, look for ways to show your potential customers the positive feedback you’ve gotten from your existing customers.For this  add  rating section where people can rate your products . Add a photos with the  great experience they had working with you. Add customer's review of  your products adding what they like about them .

The more your website visitors see that other people have had a positive experience shopping on your site , the more your conversions will go up as a result.

9. Make categories easy to navigate

Nothing can spoil  a sale faster than clunky product pages. If your website visitors have to click around ten different menus before they find the product they’re looking for, they’re going to feel disturbances.

Make categories of your products and  pages easy to navigate for them .Make it easy for your customers to search for products .The easier you make your categories and pages to navigate, the easier it will be for your customers to find what they’re looking for , and the easier it will be for them to make a purchase.

10. Make checkout a breeze

Don't forget that clunky product pages can spoil your sale .

If you want people to buy from you, you need to make the process of buying as simple, straightforward, and pain-free as possible.

You have to make your checkout page design clean, simple, and easy to navigate. Give your customers the option to register for your site or to check out as a guest. Everything about the process should be as clear as crystal .

Those information you need to process the purchase & what to do in case there’s a problem with their order or they need to do a return. Once the purchase is complete, direct your customers to a confirmation page so they know everything went through.

The conclusion  is if you want people to buy from you, make the checkout process as easy as possible .