Saturday, 29 January, 2022

Politicians getting sidelined in Bangladesh: GM Quader

Calling upon the government to empower public representatives, Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader on Sunday bemoaned that politicians are now getting sidelined in politics due to the active role of bureaucrats.

“Politicians are not that much active in politics these days. Bureaucrats are playing in the field of politics while politicians watching it sitting on the sidelines,” he said.

GM Quader made the remarks while speaking at a programme arranged by Jatiya Party’s Khulna divisional unit at its chairman’s Banani office.

As per the constitution, he said the country is supposed to be run by elected public representatives. “But the secretaries, not MPs, now carry out all the activities while the ministers just get briefings.”

The Jatiya Party chief said public representatives can ensure the welfare and benefits of people as they understand their sufferings and pains.

“Bureaucrats are like robots...  theyr'e accustomed to working within a boundary... they're unable to understand the plight of ordinary people like politicians,” he observed.

GM Quader called upon the Prime Minister to evaluate the elected representatives as people will immensely be benefited if their representatives get the opportunity to work for them. “It’ll never be useful to govern the country with bureaucrats ignoring the public representatives.”

He said the UNOs now do not care the upazila chairmen as they run the upazila parishads as per their whims. “The upazila parishad chairmen have nothing to do if the UNOs ignore them and their instructions. If the public representatives cannot run the country, it's unconstitutional.”

During his rule, the Jatiya Party chief said their party founder HM Ershad empowered the public representatives by running the country under their leadership. The bureaucrats worked under the Upazila Parishad and Zila Parishad chairmen during his rule. But now everything has turned upside down.”