Sunday, 27 November, 2022

Worldwide Covid-19 cases cross 74 million

Worldwide Covid-19 cases cross 74 million

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Global Covid-19 cases surpassed 74 million while fatalities surged past 1.64 million until early Thursday.

The worldwide number of Covid-19 cases reached 74,158,470 and fatalities stood at 1,647,873 at that time, according to Johns Hopkins University.

The United States, the world’s worst-hit country, reported 16,959,267 Covid-19 cases and 307,291 deaths. And India and Brazil had the second highest case tallies.

India reported 9,932,547 cases and 144,096 deaths. And Brazil’s case tally reached 7,040,608 and fatalities stood at 183,735.

Countries with more than 1.8 million cases also included Russia, France, Turkey, Britain and Italy. And the countries with over 52,000 deaths included India, Mexico, Italy, Britain, France and Iran.

Global cases hit 70 million on December 11. It took only five days for the global caseload to jump from 70 million to 74 million.

The US, which accounted for more than 22% of the global cases, reported 3,019 deaths on Tuesday, the third-highest daily toll since the pandemic began.