Country receives 13.877bn in remittance in 11 months

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19th June, 2015 11:21:40 printer

Country receives 13.877bn in remittance in 11 months

Bangladesh has still been continuing to receive highest remittance from Saudi Arabia while the Middle-East remained to be the main source of foreign remittance.


According to Bangladesh Bank statistics, Bangladesh received a total of $13.877 billion in remittance in last 11 months of the fiscal year 20914-15, with $3.025 billion coming from Saudi Arabia alone, reports UNB.


 During the period, an amount of $8.249 billion came from Middle-East region while $5.628 billion from the rest of the countries in the world.


 The remittance from Saudi Arabia is followed by United Arab Emirates (UAE) as Bangladesh received $2.578 billion from the Gulf nation.


Kuwait has been the third largest remittance sending nation for Bangladesh as it received $981.06 million from this another Gulf nation.


 Among the other Gulf nations, expatriates in Oman sent $834.05 million, while those in Bahrain $506.71 million, Qatar $281.33 million, Libya $41.97 million and Iran $0.14 million.


 Among the other nations outside the Middle East, expatriate Bangladeshis in the USA sent the highest amount of remittance of $2.141billion outside the Gold nations. The USA is followed by Malaysia which sent $1.251 billion in 11 months of 2014-15.


 The expatriate Bangladeshis in UK sent $727.19 million, while that of Singapore $408.22 million, Italy $231.75 million, Australia $56.28 million, South Korea $55.03 million, Germany $19.12 million, Japan $14.73 million, and Hong Kong $17.77 million.


  All the other nations outside this list sent $704.66 million in remittance during the outgoing fiscal year.