John Abraham Named Person Of The Year For 2020 By PETA

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3rd December, 2020 03:31:28 printer

John Abraham Named Person Of The Year For 2020 By PETA

John Abraham, who loves animals and is against any and all kinds of animal abuse, has been named the Person of the Year for 2020 by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

"If birds are suffering, puppies are being cruelly sold, or animals are in danger anywhere in the world, we can count on him to come to the rescue," the PETA statement read.

John is fond of bikes, but loves animals more. He had sent a letter urging an e-retailer to stop trading in live animals. He is pushing for a ban on use of animals in circuses, and is part of a campaign against keeping birds in cages.

Speaking to mid-day once, Abraham said, "I try and correct people in my way. In our country, when a child sees a dog, he is taught that it can bite. But there is nothing more loyal than a dog. So, it is the mindset that must be changed. I am against hunting, and certainly don't get why people stone or beat animals. I'd love to use my force to knock such people out cold."