Indian actress Sudipta tests positive for Covid-19

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19th November, 2020 06:06:33 printer

Indian actress Sudipta tests positive for Covid-19

Indian actress Sudipta Chakraborty has been diagnosed with coronavirus or  Covid-19. 

The actress confirmed the matter through a Facebook post. Her health condition is fine, she advised the fan not to worry and pray for her early recovery. 

Sudipta wrote in her Facebook post, “Life is full of surprise!! My Covid-19 test report Come back positive. Dear friend …Please don’t panic, I’m fine. No fever, no body aches, no breathing problems, but can’t taste and smell.” 

"My husband and daughter are fine and they have been asked to check after 4/5 days. I have been in isolation at home for 4 days as per the doctor's advice. The medicine is running. I am sure I will get well soon. All of you be careful. stay safe! " Sudipta added.

After receiving the news of Sudipta’s corona infection, fans wished her a speedy recovery.