It’s possible to stay safe consciously

In the world of Internet, you must know, where you need to stop

Press Release

31st October, 2020 12:22:12 printer

It’s possible to stay safe consciously

Just imagine a day without Internet. You will start to feel a disconnection with the world around you for sure. Our numerous daily needs have made internet an essential communication medium. The possibilities are also limitless on the internet. But where this possibility leads us to largely depends on how we use it. Every day we are sharing our likes and dislikes numerous times. We are expressing our opinions knowingly or unknowingly through likes and comments. Sometimes we are doing this without revealing our identities. But do we realize that the comments and emojis we are posting online are not only just some words or signs? Sometimes the personal information we are sharing with everyone is also causing us harm. If we start to become conscious about our activities on the Internet, we can make the experience much safer.

The number of friends on your social media is growing every day. But selection of your friend is very important. Probably you are also enjoying having so many new friends. But have you asked yourself that if you consider someone a friend who is hiding behind a mask? These fake profiles can do real damage to you. Before accepting someone as a friend on your social media, check the photos carefully on their profile. Check if their username and ID names are the same. You can also check some basic information about them from the about section of the profile.

You have selected your friends on social media carefully, but are you sharing too much of your personal information with them? If you don’t like to share personal information in real life, then when why would you do it online, right? To stay safe in the world of Internet, use a strong password and enable 2 step verification. You can also set the privacy of your posts on social media to limit who can see what you post.

You could also be cautious while reacting to other’s photos or posts. Sometimes just a word can hurt someone. To avoid facing such situations, avoid messages or emails from unknown sources. You can disable others from tagging you in their posts without your permission. It would also be wise not to click on suspicious links.

Are all the information that come in front of you on the Internet true? To avoid spreading rumors online, check if the news or information you are about to share were covered by any credible source. You can also check the web address to be sure.

The Internet has opened the gates to a lot of possibilities and also created scopes for us to be responsible. This possibility should be used correctly and mindfully. In the world of Internet, we should care to know where to stop.