Turkey and Pakistan exporting jihadists to fight Armenia: Experts

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29th October, 2020 07:32:44 printer

Turkey and Pakistan exporting jihadists to fight Armenia: Experts

The Turkish government is supporting jihadist groups along with Pakistan to fight proxy wars in Syria, Libya and now Azerbaijan. Armenia and Azerbaijan are involved in a tussle for the control of region Nagorno Karabakh which is extrapolated and inflamed by the actions of Turkey and Pakistan.

"Long lost are the days of Ataturk’s Turkey which used to attack jihadi groups and kept them at bay. The secular credentials of Turkey have been compromised," said Abdullah Bozkurt, Sweden based Investigative Journalist, Turkey expert and Director, Nordic Monitoring and Research Network.

He spoke on "Armenia- Azerbaijan conflict and the role of Turkey and Pakistan in provoking religious warfare in the Caucasus" hosted by the Usanas Foundation. Ararat Kostanian, formerly at Armenian foreign ministry said that there is a grand plan of Erdogan to subdue Armenia. This has happened as big powers like the European Union shied away in criticizing Turkey’s policies. By supporting Azerbaijan, Turkey wants to claim the Islamic leadership.

Pakistan also has been hostile to Armenia and does not recognize it as a state. As a result, it is exporting jihadists to fight Armenia like mercenaries. Pakistan has mastered these techniques of cross border terrorism and promoted global jihad through decades and under no circumstances is going to stop.


Source: Zee News