Drinks of coffee and green tea are lower risk of diabetes

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29th October, 2020 03:53:13 printer

Drinks of coffee and green tea are lower risk of diabetes

The COVID pandemic has made us all super conscious about our health.

According to a recent study, drinking a hefty amount of coffee and green tea every day is associated with 63 per cent lower all-cause mortality rate among people with type-2 diabetes.

How coffee and green tea benefit diabetic patients?

According to the data from the Indian Diabetes Federation, more than 42.5 crore people suffer from diabetes globally. While medication can reduce the risks associated with the disease, these drugs come at a cost and are often accompanied with some side-effects. That is why simple lifestyle changes like walking, eating fresh and healthy are recommended to control one's blood sugar level.

Health benefits of green tea

Multiple studies have shown that consumption of green tea lowers the risk of diabetes. It improves glucose control and insulin sensitivity. Another study performed by the researchers at Kyushu University, Japan included 4,923 patients, with an average age of 66 and had type 2 diabetes. It was found that participants who drank four or more cups of green tea had 40 per cent lower risk of dying during the study's follow-up period, Times of India.

Coffee has shown to lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. According to a study published in the BMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care, people already suffering from diabetes who drank two or more cups of coffee per day, decreased all-cause mortality by 41 per cent.