Know your history, know yourself

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27th October, 2020 01:10:34 printer

Know your history, know yourself

A nation’s identity is defined by its history and, with Bangladesh, this is especially the case. Our history is diverse, full of extraordinary events, spanning across 49 years, a testament to our ability to survive and thrive no matter what troubles we may face.

It is unfortunate, however, that so many of us do not have the knowledge necessary to truly know our country. It is indeed tragic that there are so many people, especially the youth, who do not have a clear understanding of the history that led to the birth of small yet great nation, and provided them with the identity they now represent.

Little do they know of the millions of people whose sacrifices led to the creation of Bangladesh. But that is just the beginning. Once Bangladesh was created, there were more sacrifices to come, from feeding the ultra-poor to reviving the economy to dealing with those who stood against our values. 

It is on the shoulders of the ones who made such incredible sacrifices that we built the nation we see around us, from the metro rail project to Digital Bangladesh. The country we now live in would not and could not have come into existence without their incredible tenacity and resilience.

But what are these values on which the country was founded? If we do not know our history, how would we know that Bangladesh was founded on values of democracy and social justice, on ensuring that every single citizen was provided for? How would we know of the language and culture contributed to by some of the greatest artists, writers, and poets and their works?

Would it not be a shame to forget?

But that is exactly what many of us have allowed to happen. An entire generation of people has been raised under a shroud of ignorance whose lack of knowledge has nurtured a confused sense of identity.

And without knowing our history, can we truly claim to know ourselves? Without knowing our country, can we truly claim to love it? Without knowing the reasons to be patriotic, can we truly claim ourselves to be patriots?

Where, then, will our future leaders come from, willing to make the same sacrifices as their forefathers so that Bangladesh continues to move forward on the path to prosperity? We must educate our country on its past so that we may better prepare for the future. We must ensure that our nation’s great history is not allowed to die.

Unlocking history

This is where Bangladesh Unlocked comes in. Bangladesh Unlocked is a trivia-based Facebook Instant game launched by BanglaCAT with the aim of educating the population of Bangladesh with its history.

BanglaCAT’s goal has always been to contribute to a sustainable future for Bangladesh through its principled approach to the economy, investing in long-term values which truly benefit the Bangladeshi nation and its people. It has been the largest provider to the energy, power and infrastructure development sectors in Bangladesh, their generators accounting for almost 40% of the national grid’s electricity production.

It is based on these values that Bangladesh Unlocked was created, the first time ever that a corporate entity has launched a Facebook Instant Game. With the tagline “Know your country. Know yourself”, the purpose of Bangladesh Unlocked is provide a seamless, digitized and, subsequently, efficient medium through which the population of this country can receive knowledge.

The game’s placement in Facebook is also meant to increase accessibility to the game. As of January 2019, 20% of Bangladesh’s population were users of Facebook – a whopping 33 million people. Through the questions it asks, Bangladesh Unlocked provides an easy and unique opportunity for Bangladeshis across the world to learn about their own country and stands as a beautiful representation of Bangladesh globally.

And, more importantly, this newfound knowledge amongst the people may, one day, inspire a whole new generation of leaders who will drive Bangladesh into a future of prosperity.