Korea shares FAQs on Covid-19 response

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20th October, 2020 10:29:54 printer

Korea shares FAQs on Covid-19 response

The government of Korea through Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) in collaboration with different agencies has developed a “FAQs about Korea’s response to COVID-19 response”.

It is essentially a video series prepared to support partner countries’ capacity for rapid response to COVID-19 focusing on total three themes, namely, Korea’s response to COVID-19 and KOICA’s efforts, Sharing Korea’s know-how and Post COVID-19 Korea’s new normal era, said a press release.

Under the umbrella themes, in-depth information are centered on various significant issues to battle the deadly pandemic, such as, test strategy to flatten the curve, strategy for Korean medical staff, epidemiologic survey on managing contacts and patients information, suggestions for preventing infections of health workers, case study of patients, new challenges in public safety and security, protecting the socially vulnerable and so forth.

It is widely known that the Republic of Korea’s experience in combating COVID-19 has been praised internationally for its 3T (Test-Trace-Treat) strategy that’s been proven to be highly effective.

Young Ah-Doh, Country Director, KOICA Bangladesh hoped that the FAQs and video series developed by Korea will contribute to Bangladesh’s efforts to overcome the global crisis that calls for unity.

As a government aid agency of Korea, KOICA has been extending its financial and technical support to complement the Government of Bangladesh’s COVID-19 response efforts and assures to stand by the country.