Trump: US tightens temporary worker visa rules

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7th October, 2020 11:32:34 printer

Trump: US tightens temporary worker visa rules

The US government has announced it will tighten the requirements for the popular H-1B visa.

These visas are widely used by tech firms and visa recipients are mostly Indian and Chinese.

The temporary visas are intended to allow US companies to use foreign workers to fill skills gaps, BBC reported.

But the Trump administration says the visa has been abused, often at the expense of American workers.

Up to 85,000 people are granted an H-1B visa each year, and about 500,000 people are currently living in the US under the visa programme.

According to US Department of Labor statistics, more than two-thirds of H-1B visa holders come from India, and more than 10% come from China.

‘Cheaper foreign labour’

The new rules, which were jointly announced by the Department of Labor and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), will narrow the definition of “specialty occupations” eligible for the visa.

It will also increase the minimum wages companies must pay for workers enrolled in the H-1B programme.