Mask should not share with anyone

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6th October, 2020 11:37:00 printer

Mask should not share with anyone


From foods to clothes, cosmetic to gadgets, we never hesitate to take the other person's stuff, when in need.

The same trend has been witnessed when it comes to masks. It has been noticed that people living in the same household do not find anything wrong in using each other's masks, if they are freshly washed.

However, experts believe that this might not be a good practice.

Why you should not share your mask

We all have indeed been taught that sharing is caring, but when it comes to masking, it is good to forget this lesson for a while. Experts believe that it is something very personal and sharing them with any other person, even after washing them nicely is not a good idea. Mask is like your undergarment or toothbrush and should be used exclusively by you.

​The risk of sharing the mask

Even if you wash your mask nicely, it is unhygienic to share them with other people. Masks are used to cover our mouth and nose. So, there are high chances that it might still contain bacteria and germs even after thorough washing, which might get transferred to other people, leading to different kinds of disease.

Moreover, the mask should fit your nose and mouth perfectly to prevent the risk of infection. When you share your mask, it might get stretched and not fit you properly the next time. An ill-fitted mask makes you more vulnerable to infection. So, it is best to have 2-3 masks for yourself so you do not run out of stock and feel the need to borrow it from other people, reports Times of India.

-Never use your reusable mask without washing it.

-Wash your mask with warm water and dry it properly under the Sun before using it.

-Wash your hand with soap and water before and after putting your mask

-Do not touch your mask all the time.

-Avoid wearing an ill-fitted mask.