Sunday, 4 June, 2023

Corporate Corner

Commuters walk through the Washington Union Station at 4pm on a Friday, one of the busiest hours before the outbreak of Covid-19 in Washington, DC. Behind the giant bay windows of the World Bank, security guards remain at their posts, but idle. Outside, the sidewalks of Washington, DC are largely empty. The bank is open, ready to host but its twice annual meetings with international financial institutions. But the meetings are all virtual these days. Next door, at the HQ2 building of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) a sign says "temporarily closed." It has been hanging there for six months.

A boy tries to reach toy cars at a shop in Bentong, in Malaysia’s Pahang state on Monday.

An abandoned carousel due the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic is seen in Calang, Aceh province in Indonesia on Sunday.

Managing Director of Summit Technopolis Abu Reza Khan and Managing Director of SydneySun Sagor Kumar Tito exchange documents after signing a land lease agreement for setting up video surveillance manufacturing plant at Summit Technopolis at Kaliakoir in Gazipur on Monday.