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Bear hitches a ride on garbage truck in Pennsylvania, later rescued

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  • 4th October, 2020 02:58:38 PM
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Bear hitches a ride on garbage truck in Pennsylvania, later rescued

In a bizarre and unexpected event, a black bear was spotted on top of a garbage truck in Pennsylvania and the news has now created a buzz among netizens. Shared on Facebook by the Kidder Township Police, a post shows photos of the animal sitting on top of the truck.

“Bear Complaint this morning. He managed to come right to the police station on the garbage truck,” reads the caption shared along with the post.

The department was in lookout for the animal as some of the locals alerted them about the bear spotted in the neighbourhood. Later in the day, the bear was found atop a garbage truck that pulled over near the police station so that the animal could be safely rescued.

“We can only assume it was sick of going for the small, small amount of trash in the garbage pails and went for the big prize,” Officer Vincent Murrow of the Kidder Township Police told

Posted on September 30, the post has garnered over 1,700 reactions and more than 700 comments from netizens.

The department also informed in the comments that the bear was safe and unharmed. “He did make it down safe. The truck backed to the tree and he made his way down. All is good!” they commented.

People shared all sorts of reactions in the comments section of the post. While some asked about the status of the bear, others couldn’t stop appreciating the department’s efforts to make sure that the animal was fine. Many also tried guessing the bear’s perspective and wrote that the animal was probably smiling about its unexpected adventure.

“Was the bear questioned upon arrival?” joked a Facebook user. “Thank you for letting us know the bear is ok!” wrote another. “The fact he’s smiling, he deserves that truck,” commented a third.

“Bears in Pennsylvania are so advanced with their mobile self driving lunchboxes,” wittily expressed a fourth.