Govt to nurture youth potential to boost development

Jannatul Islam

1st October, 2020 10:57:52 PM printer

Govt to nurture youth potential to boost development

The government is going to harness the potentials of young adults to add to the ongoing development of the country through formulating a need-based policy.

As part of its plan, the government has framed the National Youth Policy in 2017, incorporating provisions for the betterment of the youth that account for one-third of the total population.  

Officials say getting recommendations from the experts, the government has formulated the Youth Development Index (YDI) to harness the benefits of demographic dividend and lead the country to progressive future through research-based policy.

 “In our country, one-third of population is youth, and the future of the nation depends of the potentials of the democratic dividend. To ensure collective development through addressing diversified need of the youth, the government formulated YDI,” Youth and Sports state minister Zahid Ahsan Russel told daily sun.

The National Youth Policy 2017 is framed with the spirit of nurturing in youth an exalted kind of mind, heart and soul and boosting them with the sense of responsibility for the country, society and the environment and developing them eventually into a modern and capable generation for the future, the junior minister added.

There are eight priority areas of National Youth Policy including – Empowerment, Health and Recreation, Good Governance, Sustainable Development, Equitable Development, Socialization, Globalization and Research.

 “Though introducing the youth development index, Bangladesh stepped into a new horizon in constructing the future of the nation. We want to transform the youth into potential resources to lead the country towards development. The Index will remain a charter for future development planning,” Russel explained.

Emphasising the importance of YDI, Russel mentioned that the national youth policy needs some research elements and the Index will support the policy makers to address the needs of the youth in education, health, employment, participation for ensuring inclusive development.

Terming the government youth-friendly, Russel further said there will be constructed youth training centre in every upazila to decentralize the opportunities.

“There is no alternative to making sure that the youth, who are the most creative and enterprising segment of population, participate in local, national and international levels for the achievement of Vision 2021 and Vision 2041. YDI not only supports the national policy but also helps the policymakers to place Bangladesh in regional and international forum of youth,” he added.

The government continues regular training programme to inspire the youth to become entrepreneurs in hometown instead of moving to capital, said the junior minister.

“The Department of Youth has trained over 6 million young adults. The trainees avail credit support to become self-reliant. We focus on family-based agriculture, fisheries, poultry, livestock and agriculture to empower the youth locally.”