Education system is stepping forward with technology

Karona Sutradhar

30th September, 2020 08:25:27 printer

Education system is stepping forward with technology

Education is the indispensable element for the overall development of any country. Government and Universities are looking for innovative ways to increase the access of the Primary to higher education and develop the standard of the different programs included with curriculum and courses. 

Education Minister Dipu Moni has said that – “steps have been taken to update the national education policy/system while online classes/e-learning activities should be continued.” Covid – 19 is a Global crisis which has also put the country’s education system in crisis. She believes that – each crisis opens up new possibilities.   

In addition, the Government is bringing a huge change on the primary to college level education system through moderating the curriculum which will start the procedure from 2021 and hope it will be completed by 2025. Beside this all the University’s authority already took an attempt to include all the students and their activities along online classes / online assessments.

As far as the statement of the Government, there will be no examination between classes 1-3. Some researchers believe that it will reduce the competition between students, guardians and teachers, hence the teacher will have engaged to dedicate teaching with knowledge to students. Mostly, students will do the lessons with happiness and put emphasis on concentration to develop their learning skills. 

For instance, Finland has the best education management system in the world according to the Global competitiveness Report by the world Economic Forum. The Government authority of Finland gives prominence on responsibility and quality of the teachers, sufficient break between classes and teacher’s needs, evaluation test of the students based on the student’s needs and demand, co-operation rather than competition, free education for all children with all free educational materials, counselling and individuals guidance, less homework and relax environment at the school, 7 is the standard age of stating the school, etc.  

Once more, Singapore is the Southeast Asian country which can be the distinguished sample/model for us. Even as follows of former Architect of Math in ministry of Education at Singapore says- the authority gave importance on human brain because of lacking the natural resources of landscape.

They develop the nation where people are able to do work at offices, factories. They find out what their needs and necessities are! Singapore is the best at using technology on teaching and learning approaches –as because they are pioneers of math, reading and science skills.

Comparison is not the solution, but taking inspiration is not unfair. Changes are coming. We should apply correct ways as we can build a strong generation. The technology acceptance model (TMA) which says a theory that shows how users come to accept and use a technology. Davis, ‘1989’ also explained that- the technology used in a particular system would be free of efforts. 

We can accept the importance of the use of technology in education and apply them appropriately, it is a demand of time. Dreams and hopes are the power which will take our nation to the golden future, just steps forward.   



The writer is a Teacher of PBEMS, PhD Researcher of PBS, UPM, Malaysia on Management, field of Education.