BanglaCAT launched trivia-based Facebook Instant Game, ‘Bangladesh Unlocked’!

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30th September, 2020 06:23:24 printer

BanglaCAT launched trivia-based Facebook Instant Game, ‘Bangladesh Unlocked’!

Bangladesh Unlocked’, it has actually been made for a noble cause.  It has always been a struggle for us when it comes to answering questions of general knowledge. Even being born & brought up in this country, holding the nationality of Bangladesh, a lot of us will fail to give the right answers if questions asked in the context of our culture, history, language, arts, sports, major events & occasions. Whether in lack of proper education or in negligence, it is a sad reality that we often ignore & do not want to work on. 

Nevertheless, it’s a common phenomenon to see some individuals making videos and publishing on social media mocking lot of people for their inability or failure to answer general questions- the date of Independence Day or Victory day or alike. We feel ashamed, these let our heads down, we experience identity crisis as we possess low IQ knowing our roots. But have we done much or anything to help improving the situation?

As social media, especially Facebook, plays a very strong, impactful, & influential role in shaping up the minds & knowledge set of our community, BanglaCAT has taken the opportunity to make the best use of this podium by launching a platform to help countering the situation. BanglaCAT always believes in introducing innovative tools in meaningful way, so they decided to build a platform on the most popular social media network, Facebook, to educate the mass community in the context of culture, history, language, arts, landmarks & achievements, sports, special occasions and events of our beloved country- Bangladesh. The slogan of this game in fact presents the whole story in one line-

“Know Your Country, Know Yourself”.

“Whoever is interested to take part, s/he must have a Facebook profile or account to play the game, as it has been launched on Facebook. It’s not an app, so no hassle of downloading and free of cost. The gaming link is shared on our official Facebook page- Bangla CAT, shared link will redirect a participant to the podium.

It can be searched on Facebook too by the name- Bangladesh Unlocked. One may encounter slowness or technical issues while playing the game, & that’s purely due to the state of one’s net connection”- the company shared in its media statement. “This trivia-based Facebook game, Bangladesh Unlocked, would put the knowledge of every one of us to the test & make us realize- “Have we been Bangladeshi enough”? So, let’s just play the game & find out”- the company added, expressed its delight and satisfaction by contributing in enriching the level of general knowledge of mass community of Bangladesh. “Let’s see this from a different perspective.

As it will be open and it can be played from anywhere of the world, the game Bangladesh Unlocked can even help people of different nationalities to learn about Bangladesh. The game itself taking the identity of our country on the global scale. It is a great milestone to be achieved on the social media platform of Bangladesh” the company was jubilant while sharing their thoughts to the media.  

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