Invest and enjoy the immersive experience of 4K TV during the pandemic

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28th September, 2020 07:29:13 printer

Invest and enjoy the immersive experience of 4K TV during the pandemic

Since March 2020, the filmgoers of Bangladesh have been missing the experience of the excitement of new movie releases. The chitter-chatter of the theatre, the smell of popcorn, hang out with friends, and mainly enjoying the movie on an enormous screen with an immersive atmosphere. All the movie theatres around the nation have shut down to limit the spread of COVID-19.  

As most of the theatres around the globe are closed now, thus, many top films scheduled for theatre release have been delayed. However, as the pandemic continues, several content providers are opting for digital releases like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and many other streaming services.

Consequently, we need an alternative solution for the theatre experience. There are laptops and mobile phones; however, the screens of the devices are too small to create an immersive experience. Hence, an excellent alternative to a theatre can be our TV, especially if it is a 4K SMART HDR/ LED TV.

The most obvious benefit of TVs with native 4K resolution is that their pictures have more detail and sharpness. After all, their 3840x2160 pixels counts equate to four times the resolution of the Full HD pictures that most of us are used to. Every hair on people’s head, every leaf on every tree, every blade of grass on a football pitch, every star in the sky – everything – snaps into focus on a good 4K TV in a way that you just can’t get the experience with regular TV.

The extra resolution in 4K images means that pictures retain their quality better on bigger screens. This means 4K can provide a perfect picture that fills more of your field-of-view, better recreating the immersive experience of watching a film at the cinema. And you can even sit closer to larger TVs without notable image degradation. Moreover, having a native 4K resolution can improve the 3D experience. It’s particularly effective with the massive 3D format, which uses a screen filter system to create the 3D experience. Therefore, just grab some 3D glasses and enjoy!

Meanwhile, if you are looking to upgrade your TV to enjoy the cinematic experience from home, then it is recommended to invest in 4K TV. We know the pandemic has put financial stress on numerous people around the country, and by considering this, Singer Bangladesh has recently started a campaign where they are providing up to 100% discount on 4K TVs which includes sizes- 49”, 50” and 55”. Moreover, if you want to exchange your old TV, then you can also enjoy discount up to BDT 8,000.

Digital entertainment or TV cannot fully replace live entertainment or theatre, but for now on, it’s all we’ve got. Additionally, entertainment companies have realized the crisis might not end soon and are not moving to digital releases of contents. Hence, now is the time to invest in a higher quality TV to keep yourself entertain and stay up-to-date with the latest trends.