Singapore imposes new rules for visitors

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26th September, 2020 02:08:14 printer

Singapore imposes new rules for visitors

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) has issued a new set of rules and restrictions for travelers who are willing to visit the country.

As per the new rule, Singapore will allow only the short-term visa holders or visitors to enter in the country if they can show medical ground certificate from ministry of health of the respective countries.

The travelers won't need Covid-19 test from native country, but they are required to go under mandatory 14 days quarantine. Covid-19 test will be conducted at Singapore, but the passenger will have to bear the hotel cost SGD 2200 for isolation.

However, Singapore citizens and PR holders will not need any permission to enter the country.

Work and long time visit pass holders and students need to avail permission from relevant ministries of Singapore before purchasing ticket.

Transit passengers are allowed for immediate connection and can't leave Changi airport. They must have onward confirmed ticket and baggage should be checked-in up to final destination.

Besides, a health declaration is required on having no cough, no fever, no Covid symptom, like: runny nose, short breath, etc.