Under the Blue Helmet for Three Decades

Harvesting peace amid bullets, bloods, hunger

Ahamed Ullah

21st September, 2020 06:08:27 printer

Harvesting peace amid bullets, bloods, hunger

As a country deploying peacekeepers in the United Nations (UN) peacekeeping missions, Bangladesh has once again surpassed all other countries in the world in gaining the rare honor of being ranked first and has honored and glorified the country and the nation in the international arena.

This information has recently been published on the website of the United Nations Headquarters.

The United Nations peacekeeping force is working to bring peace to the war-torn country for the sake of world peace, security and development. Bangladesh has always been a proud partner in the implementation of UN peacekeeping operations.
Bangladesh has always been committed to establishing peace, security and security in various disputed areas of the world. And in order to uphold this firm commitment, the Bangladesh Armed Forces and the Police Force have been very successfully participating in the United Nations International Peacekeeping Operations and fulfilling their assigned responsibilities.

Bangladesh has achieved the status of being the top peacekeeper in the UN peacekeeping mission. Bangladesh has been the first to share this rare achievement by deploying UN peacekeepers six times in 2001, 2005, 2011, 2014, 2015 and 2020.

The contribution of Bangladesh in the last three decades to world peace initiatives initiated by the United Nations is unique. Responding to the call of the United Nations, the fearless peacekeepers of Bangladesh are engaged in peacekeeping in war-torn and conflict-ridden areas of the world.

The professionalism, courage and sincerity of the peacekeepers of Bangladesh have taken Bangladesh to a unique height in the international arena. Bangladesh has already become known as a role model in world peacekeeping in the history of the United Nations by sending 1,71,957 peacekeepers to 54 peacekeeping missions in 40 countries.

Of these, 1,39,271 are members of Bangladesh Army, 5,912 are members of Bangladesh Navy, 7,106 are members of Bangladesh Air Force and 19,668 are members of Bangladesh Police Force.

In addition, 1,826 women peacekeepers of the Bangladesh Armed Forces and Police Force have set a significant example in the empowerment of women and the implementation of gender equality by actively participating in UN peacekeeping missions.
At present, a total of 6,836 peacekeepers of Bangladesh are employed in eight missions. Of these, 5,255 are members of Bangladesh Army, 345 are members of Bangladesh Navy, 582 are members of Bangladesh Air Force while 654 are members of the police force. At present, 246 women peacekeepers of the armed forces and police force are working in the peacekeeping mission.

A total of 153 peacekeepers of the armed and police forces have so far died.