With ISI support, pro-Khalistani group issues letter to discredit Milewski’s report on terror network

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18th September, 2020 05:29:44 printer

With ISI support, pro-Khalistani group issues letter to discredit Milewski’s report on terror network

Disgruntled by Canadian journalist and researcher Terry Milewski’s report on Khalistani terror network and its reference to Pakistan, a pro-Khalistani group has issued a letter attempting to discredit the article with the help of Pakistan intelligence company ISI.

The letter addressed to the board of the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, which revealed the report, expressed concern with the way through which the report casts huge aspersions on a “highly visible, racialized community, engaged in legitimate advocacy”.

However, Milewski, the creator of the report, identified that the letter thrashing the article fails to present a single quote from it as proof for his or her claims and the letter by no means disputes with the truth that Pakistan helps the Khalistan motion.

“…A letter from Sikh academics trashing this article fails to provide a single quote from it as evidence for their claims. They attack what it doesn’t say but never dispute its point: Pakistan supports the Khalistan movement. So, thanks,” Milewski tweeted.

It is pertinent to notice that the web site the place the letter emerged was registered on September 15 and the letter was uploaded on it on the identical day. The letter was signed by over 54 folks. The web site has just one internet web page in it and doesn’t comprise different content material, hyperlinks, or internet pages besides the letter, which has been revealed on its homepage.

According to experiences, the letter was drafted by Harjeet Singh Grewal- Instructor of Sikh Studies at Department of Classics and Religion, University of Calgary. Reportedly, he reached out to different dignitaries underneath the steerage of Pakistan intelligence company ISI.

The letter has additionally been signed by pro-Khalistan Indra Prahst, who has sturdy connections with Pakistani Consulate in Vancouver.

Another one that signed the letter is Hafsa Kanjwal has pro-separatist sentiments and has been opposing India’s place on Jammu and Kashmir and has been contributing to the anti-India advocacy campaigns of Pakistani mission.

The letter has requested MLI to “reevaluate your (MLI’s) decision to publish such vitriolic content under your institute’s name”. The letter has additional expressed, “we are concerned to read a report that contains a litany of conclusory statements and allegations without any substantiation”.

Milewski’s report launched earlier this month titled “Khalistan: A project of Pakistan” researches the Khalistan motion and discovers its actuality as a geopolitical venture nurtured by Pakistan, threatening the nationwide safety of Canadians and Indians.

“This week, reports from India continue to demonstrate the threat that Pakistan-sponsored Khalistani terrorism poses”, it mentioned.

“It might seem surprising that 35 years after Khalistani extremists bombed Air India Flight 182, the deadliest attack on aviation before 9/11 that a new generation of violent extremists has now emerged in Canada and India”, wrote Terry Milewski.

Given Pakistan’s continued marketing campaign of agitation, “It’s clear who’s really driving the Khalistan bus: Pakistan,” writes Milewski. In reality, “the Khalistan movement has been going nowhere in the Sikhs’ home state.”

Source: Times of India