Bride almost misses her own wedding after 3 'inconclusive' coronavirus tests


3rd September, 2020 06:29:08 printer

Bride almost misses her own wedding after 3 'inconclusive' coronavirus tests

Newly-wed Kelly Warrington almost missed her own Cyprus wedding because of three 'inconclusive' coronavirus tests.

All people visiting Cyprus must test negative for coronavirus less than 72 hours before travel. 

While Kelly's husband-to-be Sam and their 23 guests all got the green light, Kelly's results meant she wouldn't be allowed to fly out for her big day.

She said: “You couldn’t make it up. They kept coming back all unclear.  

“I had 23 guests ready and raring to go and my test result still hadn’t come back."

Luckily for Kelly her fourth test finally came back negative - just 90 minutes before they were due to leave allowing her to catch her wedding party flight.
Kelly added: “Once you’ve got the result, you have to fill out a form and print everything out so it was quite a stressful time to say the least.”

It was the latest in a series of problems that determined Kelly and Sam weren't going to let ruin their big day .

The couple were set to get married in April after getting engaged in December 2018.

But their dream wedding was cancelled because of the coronavirus after both countries went into lockdown.

Now Kelly has told how she managed to organise her big day - after four flight cancellations, four coronavirus tests and a mad dash back to the plane after leaving their passport and cash behind.

She told "Our wedding day was absolutely amazing and we feel very lucky to have had it happen.
“Everyone out there was so welcoming and couldn’t do enough for us.

“We feel very lucky to have not lost anyone dear to our hearts during the pandemic.

“It was a bumpy ride to get there but the day itself was perfect.

“For us to be with so many of our friends and family members and be able to socialise with them, it really intensified the happiness of the day.”

The couple, who both work as special educational needs teachers, faced stressful times during the build up to their wedding day. 

But when their big day finally came it couldn't have been more stress free as the stars aligned to make everything happen, with 22 guests able to make it.

Both sets of parents were able to attend, along with their three children Mason, 12, Poppy, nine and Matilda, three.

Kelly said: “The day couldn’t have been any more perfect which is great considering all the trouble beforehand.

“It was amazing as it was what we’d always planned originally.

“What also made it extra special was knowing the effort our guests had made to come out with us, especially considering the extra stress.

After having our flights cancelled four times, and everything, it makes you realise how lucky you are to have family and friends who would do anything for you.”

The wedding party flew out on the 5th of August to a private villa complex despite the risk of quarantine.

Kelly said: "It was a consideration, you never know what they’re going to say.

"Luckily we were in a position where we could quarantine if we needed too.

"There were a few guests who it would have been a problem for but we’ve got such good friends and family, they just went along with it."

Their big day was held at the Vasilias Nikoklis Inn in the picturesque valley of Diarizos in Paphos region.

After months of lockdown, Kelly says they were desperate to spend as much time with their family and friends, so travelled to the ceremony together in an open-top bus.