Square Toiletries Ltd stands beside retailers with “Retailer Insurance Program”

Press Release

2nd September, 2020 10:18:29 printer

Square Toiletries Ltd stands beside retailers with “Retailer Insurance Program”

Square Toiletries Ltd. has been diligently working to ensure the satisfaction of their consumers and retailers by marketing top quality products under their popular 20 brands.

The founder chairman of Square Group Samson H Chowdhury used to consider all his employees and stakeholders as family members. By following his footsteps, Square Toiletries Ltd. launched “Retailer Insurance Program” for the first time to ensure the health safety of retailers under current circumstances.

Each retailer under this insurance program will be eligible to claim maximum Tk 410,000 as insurance coverage.

Unfortunately, a retailer under this program passed away in last July 11, 2020. Square Toiletries Ltd. along with Square Group deeply mourned the death and stood beside his family under this dreadful situation by providing Tk 3 lakh insurance amount.

Shafquat Ahmed (Senior Manager, Trade Marketing) from Square Toiletries Ltd. gave the cheque to the insurance nominee – Md. Sharif who is the son of the retailer.

Retailers are playing a crucial role behind the success of Square Toiletries Ltd. and making it as one of the top FMCG Company in Bangladesh.

Hence, to extend the health safety of these retailers, this new Retailer Insurance Program is being launched from renowned fabric care brand Chaka Super White. Square Toiletries Ltd. believes that, with such initiative retailer will gain more trust in Square Toiletries Ltd. and will always stand beside each other.