Telemedicine service: A noble job of govt

Mohammad Al Amin

26th August, 2020 09:09:28 printer

Telemedicine service: A noble job of govt



A large number of Covid-19 patients are getting benefit from the government-run telemedicine service which is playing an important role in the treatment of the pandemic disease.

The Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) has launched the telemedicine service for the patients staying at home since May.

“Around 100 doctors are engaged in providing telemedicine services for Covid-19 patients. The Management Information System (MIS) and hospital sections of the DGHS are supervising the service,” DGHS Director (MIS) Dr Md Habibur Rahman told the Daily Sun.

“Over one lakh people have so far taken the telemedicine services from across the country,” he mentioned.

DGHS doctors regularly phone patients to inquire about their health conditions and provide necessary advice and prescription, he said.

He further said after the start of the telemedicine services, trend for Covid-19 patients’ admission to hospitals has declined.

“The telemedicine service is playing a vital role in the treatment of Covid-19,” the DGHS official said.

According to the DGHS, some 1,94,24,694 phone calls have so far been received at Shastho Batayon (16263), 333 and IEDCR (10655). Health services have been provided for more than one lakh Covid-19 patients.

The telemedicine service centre has given 246,346 phone calls and provided necessary services for Covid-19 patients so far.

A total of 4,356 people have taken the telemedicine services in the last 24 hours till Tuesday morning.

“I was a little bit worried after I tested positive for Covid-19. But, I became mentally strong as I got regular phone calls from doctors of the DGHS,” Syed Afzal Hossain, a resident of Uttara area in the capital, said while sharing his experience with the Daily Sun.

He further said, “I’m very much happy with the phone calls from the doctors who inquired about my health and gave me necessary advice and treatment regularly. This is really amazing in our country. Such a service really helped me become mentally strong and healthy.”

“After I was infected with coronavirus, DGHS doctors phoned me at least four times a day and inquired about my health. This telemedicine service has played an important role in the treatment of Covid-19 patients,” Prof Dr Uttam Kumar Barua, director of Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital, told the Daily Sun.

The physician said such the phone calls boost mental strength of Covid-19 patients which is vital for corona treatment,” he added.

“I had to deal with three corona positive cases in my family. The sincere care and timely follow-up by from the telemedicine service were really impressive,” said Sharif Jamil, general secretary of Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA).

He mentioned that such a telemedicine service is very much helpful for patients.

Jamil has also urged the authorities concerned to continue the services for all types of communicable and non-communicable diseases.

According to the DGHS, nearly 3 lakh corona patients have been detected across the country until August 25. Of them, 186,756 have recovered and 4,028 died.

Forty-five more people have died and 2,545 corona patients have been detected in 24 hours till 8am on Tuesday.

The DGHS said a total of 4,85,163 people were staying in quarantine. Of them, 4,655,422 were in home quarantine and, 29,741 in hospital and other institutional quarantine across the country.