Ultrasound tests during childbirth 'reduces infections'


20th August, 2020 07:48:31 printer

Ultrasound tests during childbirth 'reduces infections'

An ultrasound examination in the delivery room significantly reduces infections during childbirth, according to a research conducted by the Kaplan Medical Center in central Israel.

Awareness has risen sharply for preventing infections in hospitals and in general since the Covid-19 outbreak.

The new study established that the use of an ultrasound device to check the progress of childbirth significantly reduces the number of vaginal tests and thus significantly reduces the rate of infections at birth, reports Xinhua.

The study included 180 first-time mothers, some of whom underwent vaginal examinations and the rest ultrasound ones.

It turned out that the use of ultrasound during childbirth significantly reduced the amount of vaginal examinations.

In the ultrasound group, the rate of infection at birth was significantly lower than the group of vaginal examinations (2.6 percent vs 11.9 percent).

The doctors noted that the use of ultrasound did not affect the duration and method of delivery.

Roni Levi, manager of the delivery room at Kaplan hospital, noted that routinely, assessment of progress in childbirth is done through vaginal examinations.

"These tests can be painful and threatening for the patients. Moreover, multiple vaginal tests can increase the risk of infection during childbirth," he explained.

"In contrast, an ultrasound examination is non-invasive, does not cause pain and prevents infection," Levi said.