BCB reluctant to host cricket at home due to Covid-19


15th August, 2020 09:54:31 printer

BCB reluctant to host cricket at home due to Covid-19

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) president Nazmul Hasan on Saturday said they are not thinking of hosting cricket at present because of the Covid-19 pandemic. He said cricket at home is too risky before the pandemic situation gets better or a vaccine comes along.

However, the board has no problem with their next foreign tour to Sri Lanka as the country is handling the Covid-19 situation with great care. 

“We can’t start playing cricket at home without the pandemic situation getting better or we have a vaccine. It’ll only be welcoming danger if we decided to start domestic cricket now,” Nazmul told the media on Saturday at the BCB headquarter in Mirpur. 

Bangladesh’s last domestic match was in the mid-March, which was only the first round of games of the Dhaka Premier Division Cricket League. After a week of that round, the Bangladesh government announced a countrywide general holiday aiming to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

However, BCB boss finds no problem to tour Sri Lanka as the country is still not affected by the Covid-19 pandemic as Bangladesh is. He said: “New Zealand and Sri Lanka are the only two countries who have been doing well against coronavirus. We saw that new infections have been recorded in New Zealand recently. But Sri Lanka is still safe.”

This tour of Sri Lanka was originally scheduled to be held in July-August. But due to the deadly attack of the virus, it was postponed. But now, both the boards agreed to play this series in October-November. The first Test of the series is slated to be played from October 24. This series comprises a total of three Tests. 

Bangladesh team might fly for Sri Lanka on September 23 or 24. Before that, a training camp might take place in Dhaka. However, it’s not finalized yet. 

“I have proposed to host most of the parts of our training camp in Sri Lanka which is a safer place than Dhaka. Before that, we will host a shorter training camp in Dhaka and make it longer in Sri Lanka,” Namzul said. “We have to find apartments or a five-star hotel to ensure a bio-secure environment for the cricketers during the camp. If we go to a hotel, we have to make sure that one or two floors will be under complete lockdown.”

Due to the coronavirus, a part of Bangladesh’s Pakistan tour has been postponed. Along with this, home series against Australia, New Zealand have also been postponed with the away series against Ireland.