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Global coronavirus death toll climbs to 729,591

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  • 9th August, 2020 10:53:19 AM
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Global coronavirus death toll climbs to 729,591


A total of  729,591 people died from coronavirus worldwide in the  213 countries and territories since the virus emerged in Wuhan of China last December, according to latest data from worldometer.


So far, 19,806,282 coronavirus cases have been detected at 10:30am Bangladesh time till Sunday (05:30 GMT). Of them, 12,722,930 patients have been considered recovered, the source said.


Apart from this, the number of active cases are 6,353,761.


With the new tally in the 24-hour, 5,510 patients died from coronavirus while 260,956 patients have tested positive, and 177,302 patients have made fully recovery.


Among the coronavirus affected countries, the US has gone up to 165,070 deaths, followed by Brazil with 100,543, Mexico 52,006, UK 46,566, India 43,453, Italy 35,203, France 30,324, Spain 28,503, Iran 18,264, Russia

14,854, Germany 9,261, Canada 8,976, Pakistan 6,068, Indonesia 5,658, Saudi Arab 3,130, Oman 509 and Australia 295 respectively, worldometer reported.