Platform titled '24Asia' formed to help expatriate workers

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4th August, 2020 05:54:39 printer

Platform titled '24Asia' formed to help expatriate workers

There are almost one crore 25 lakh Bangladeshi workers working in different countries around the world. As remittance fighters, these workers are silently playing a role in the country's economy and development. Some are illegal immigrants abroad too, while others cannot seek help because of socio-economic problems. Due to the stress and injustices of many expatriates, many people try to weaken the name of Bangladesh. Standing against the current scenario, many young people are working for the development of a positive image of Bangladesh to the world. Nazmul Khan a young man from Bangladesh is one of them. Although he lives in Singapore for work, he is very interested in working for the country. Nazmul and his friends are working tirelessly for the economic and social security of expatriates of Bangladesh.

Many expatriate workers were harassed, jailed, and fined in various ways. One of their trusted names is now Nazmul. He set up a social platform called 24Asia in June 2019 to help everyone and enhance the image of Bangladesh. He created this platform with another creative young soul Mamun Khan. From the beginning of the platform, he got support from the friends of Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Dubai. In his remarks, 'In any case, we have to work together. If many people work together, a lot of big things can be done by uniting. In many ways, Zulhas Zubayer, Jabbir, Rashed, Momin, Rocky, Nasrin, and Sajib, along with many young people named Tashrif, Rubel, Riaz, Omar Farooq are associated with him.

24 Asia's Purpose: In this age of technology, we have a lot of easy ways to express ourselves, but we are a little different. We send remittances to the country but these remittances are not being used for spreading knowledge or education.

In early 2019, we took the initiative of 21 volunteers to do something for our expatriates, for our immigrants, for the country and for the people of the country. And 24 Asia was born with that purpose.

Connecting Bengali speaking businessmen, employees, students, teachers, parents, siblings from different countries of the world through one platform, connecting with them, presenting their experiences, ideas, the field of works will benefit our Bangladeshis living in other countries and among them. The bridge will be tied.

We did most of the work with our immigrant brothers. We have worked to showcase their talent to the world. To create a place for them by presenting their talent in the community. we encouraged others to think about them.

The main objective of the Nazmul is to present Bangladesh to the world with a positive image, to overcome the problem of unemployment in the face of changing socio-economic conditions, to work at the research level to formulate effective strategies to increase remittances. Work experience training abroad so that Bangladeshi workers can use it at home. According to him, about 1 crore of expatriates of our country work in different countries. Our neighboring country India with the intellectual knowledge and work experience of its expatriate workers and manpower used in various fields in their own country. We have less of that opportunity. We are working to use that experience of our expatriate workers in our country.

He is working to develop the skills of Bangladeshis living in Singapore. They are making an opportunity to develop their creativity. Nazmul is quite active in realizing the rights of expatriate workers.

Many go abroad without knowing anything. As their mentor, Nazmul seems to be a hope. Nazmul is assisting the students and young people who have set foot in different countries including Singapore in various ways including education, career, employment, healthcare, accommodation, and other issues. Nazmul is also working with the Singapore Government to develop the skills of the expatriate workers. Singapore MP Louis Aung discusses the dormitory facilities for immigrants in the Singapore Parliament. The parliament member has visited Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh too, shared his experience with them. He is doing a unique job in developing social facilities including the dignity of the expatriate workers among the people of various professions in Singapore. He has organized various social programs to encourage expatriate workers of prominent personalities of Bangladesh. Nazmul has created surprises in a different way by inspiring expatriates with film actors, writers, literary figures, journalists, doctors, stars, and experts of various professions.

Our migrant workers are very concerned about the closure and lockdown of Bengali migrants in Corona in Singapore. They are trying to give them mental health support, medical, remittance, advice, and pleasure.

They are conducting these events from a volunteer platform called 24Asia by which our migrant brothers are enjoying in this lockdown with great joy and enthusiasm.

Of the 45 events held by 24Asia so far, the ones that were important were: Migrant talk shows, Mental health, Remittance Challenge, Health Show, Career upgrade, Poetry festival, Global Student Talk Show, Migrant music show, and The Global Business Crisis. So far they have representatives in 22 countries which they are working to develop in 50 countries very soon. There are 20 workers and 42 volunteers in Singapore who are working for us along with their work.